We Help Dental Practices Get More Patients Via Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertising

Stop wasting your time & money on ineffective ad campaigns, useless platforms and relying on referrals.

Start getting a predictable monthly stream of HIGH QUALITY patients that YOU choose to work with.

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  • What We Offer

Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertising

AdSpan team devotes its entire time and efforts into solving ONE specific problem: acquiring more patients for dental practices - via Facebook & Instagram ads.

Just like you are an expert in dentistry, we are experts specialized in dental marketing ONLY. Mastery demands focus. That is why we excel at what we do, and we are CERTAIN that we can help you with Patient Acquisition. If you're looking for a full-service agency that offers everything for everybody, we are not for you.

  • We are hyper-focused on Dentistry.
  • We use ONLY Facebook ads so we mastered it.
  • We don't work with competition in your area.
  • We manage your ad-campaigns FULLY.
  • We create an irresistible offer patients can't refuse.
  • We write compelling ad-copy and design creatives.
  • We set up laser-focused targeting.
  • We split-test and analyze.
  • We get you more patients. Simple.

How Our Services Help You

Bag of money indicating how AdSpan Agency saves dentists more money than it costs

Money Saving

The hefty budget you'd be wasting on ineffective ads and different useless platforms are way higher than our fee and ad-spend combined. We are ROI (Return On Investment) oriented.

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Patient Picking

No more low-quality patients. Our experts can target the patients of your dreams. You get to choose which patients AND major cases you want to work with.

  • Less patients that are hard and anxious.
  • Less patients making decisions based on insurance instead of your advice.
  • Less patients choosing cheap dentistry abroad over your high quality service.
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Work-Life Balance

Are you still working in the business not on the business? Do you have a lot of responsibilities to deal with, and barely any time for family and passions?

Why add complicated marketing strategy to that?

Our experts will take this weight off your shoulders.

hourglass icon showing how AdSpan agency helps dentists save more time

Time Saving

We save you the years of trial and error trying to figure out the mystery of Facebook Ads and Patient Acquisition on your own. Your time as a dentist is the most valuable commodity.

  • More time to grow practice revenue.
  • More time to increase practice valuation.
  • More time to hire more people.
Hamdy the copywriter at AdSpan marketing agency
Anas the facebook ads specialist at AdSpan marketing agency
Moe Anani the founder of AdSpan marketing agency running a facebook ad to get more patients for a dental practice
Anastasia Maksian the creative designer at AdSpan marketing agency

Meet The A-Team

Founded by Moe Anani who's dedicated the past 3 years to understanding patient behavior online.

We want to show dentists that they can grow exponentially using the magic of social media marketing.

Unlike most marketers, we don't sell shiny words with a cliché company mission/vision. We are a youthful team that dedicated their creativity into marketing for one industry using one tool.

Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to one specific field of knowledge.

Why Facebook and Instagram Ads For Dentists?

social network icon showing that facebook ads are the best option for dentists

Most Popular Social Network

With 3 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook, and 1.5 BILLION monthly active users on Instagram, it is considered the most effective social network to reach potential clients online.

targeting icon showing that facebook ads are the best to target potential patients

Detailed Targeting

Possibilities are limitless with Facebook Targeting. We can target prospects based on location, gender, age, job, interests, behaviors, and likelihood of booking an appointment. In addition to events like: recently moved, new parent, wedding, birth date, graduation, etc.

Facebook ads objectives icon

Various Objectives

You can use Facebook Ads for dentists to achieve a variety of objectives, such as: branding, communicating with current patients, increasing your practice's social media following, seasonal promotions, instant messaging and generating more clients.

money icon indicating that Facebook ads are the most cost efficient way to get patients for dental practices

Cost Efficient

Unlike traditional advertisement, Facebook allows you to target people who are interested. That makes Facebook Ads MUCH more affordable than TV Ads, Billboard Ads, and most other platforms. With the correct setup, Facebook is even 2x cheaper than Google Ads!

Video, Image and Long Text

Facebook provides a wide range of creative, engaging options. Potential patients are more likely to engage with a Video/Image/Carousel/Long-Text ad than with a plain, boring short text-ad.

Facebook Ads A/B testing icon

Testing and Tracking

Facebook A/B testing helps determine the most effective ad with the lowest cost. In addition to the magic of Facebook Pixel that allows you to track website visitors that haven't taken action and left, then approach them with a retargeting campaign. These visitors are 10x more likely to convert than any other type of prospects.

What Our Clients Say

Before we started working with AdSpan, we were running our own ads. We didn’t get enough leads. Even when we got them, they were often bad quality and expensive. This is when we decided to work with AdSpan. After only 5 weeks, our schedule was completely full. And we’re paying a fraction of what we were spending before for one booked appointment.

Matthias, Germany

Could not ask for a better team to help me with my start-up practice. Great collaboration and care for our practice needs, we even had to pause the ads for a week to handle the patients. Anani is incredibly creative, results driven, and easy to work with. Highly recommended !

Oleksi, Ukraine

We’ve had a great experience working with Anani and the team so far. They're always coming up with new ways of booking new patients and they're always responsive and even helping us with team management and referral programs. Really happy!

Seren, Turkey

I haven’t done any advertising on my own before so I didn’t know what to expect especially in such a competitve city. Now I'm thinking about opening up a new practice to get all the patients in my area.

Khaled, Egypt

Moe Anani the founder of AdSpan marketing agency helping dental practices get more patients


Free 15-30 Minute Strategy Call

By the end of this call you will:

  • Understand the next steps we can take to generate high-quality patients consistenly.
  • Understand the OPPORTUNITY COST of not taking action RIGHT NOW.
  • Have a strategy on how to focus your time on helping patients and leaving the rest to us.
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